Our milking Shorthorns are bred for generations

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This is the Milking Shorthorn Club. If you require any more information on the below club feel free to contact us via our online form or call us on +353 (0)50426806

Milking Shorthorn Club

Chairman – James Lambe
Vice chairman – Wesley Carter
Secretary – John Fox
Co treasurer – Mona Concannon
Co treasurer – Kenny Smith
Public Relations Officer – Ann-Maree Manley

The Milking Shorthorn club was formed in Nov 2012 by members for members. The idea of the club is to bring together those interested in milking shorthorns. The committee is made up of people who are very passionate and active in the promoting of such great milking cows. Cows that have fertility, longevity, docility, great feet and legs plus she pays her way. To date the club has:
1. Set up a Facebook page for promotion and advertising.
2. Gotten some fresh AI bulls into Ireland.
3. Re-introduced classification/scoring of cows.
4. Established an annual Milking Shorthorn sale as a further source of advertising and contact for all interested parties.
5. As a result of the change of code to MS (Milking Shorthorns), It is hoped this change will create a clear indicator of the different strains of Shorthorn-(Beef and Milking cows..).
6.Set up an e-mail address for anyone looking for information or contacts. irishmilkingshorthorns@gmail.com

Anything the members want can be explored and if possible the dynamic committee will do their best to see goals achieved. New Members are always welcome.