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Commercial Corner – Irish Shorthorn Society

Commercial Corner - Irish Shorthorn Society

Commerical Shorthorns

More and more farmers are beginning to sit up and take notice of the Shorthorn breed. Shorthorn X heifers are becoming increasingly sought after because of what they offer; docility, fertility, longevity, plenty of milk, ease of calving and overall ease of management.

These have long been hallmarks of the breed and now with improved
conformation they are rightly being seen as the all-round suckler cow.

With profit proving hard to achieve, focus has now turned to increasing productivity and this means getting a calf per cow per year and in this regard a shorthorn cow will never let you down.

They have a noted ability to calve unassisted and this opens up more options in terms of the type of bull you wish to use. Indeed a Shorthorn will cross well with most other breeds.

Shorthorn bulls are also growing in popularity among both suckler and dairy farmers, with many choosing them for their easy-calving offspring. Dairy farmers may also find their gestation period quite favourable, being anything up to a week shorter than other breeds, allowing the cows to return to the parlour sooner.