Our milking Shorthorns are bred for generations

Payment Methods Irish Shorthorn Society

Membership Fees:
New Full Membership:
Made up of:
Membership fee €65.00
Herd Prefix fee €24.00
Shareholding €1.00
Associate Membership
Overseas Membership

Annual Membership

Annual Renewal rates as follows:
Special rate of €55.00 applies to members who signed up to Standing Order. Membership fee of €55.00 also applies if renewed by February 28 each year by any means, otherwise a membership fee of €65.00 applies.

Registration Fees

Male registration registered within 183 days ( 6 months)
Male registration over 183 days ( 6 months)
Male registrations NOT registered by the breeder/original owner and that have one movement recorded on the AIMS System will incur a registration fee of

Female Registration – registered within 30 days
Female late registration fee – over 30 days

Milking Shorthorn Female registration Fee

Other Fees

Importation of Pedigree data from other Herdbooks
Change of ownership

Late registration fees

All females calves must be registered within 30 days, after 30 days an additional fee of €20.00 euro applies, after 90 days an additional fee of €30.00 plus DNA.

All male calves must be registered within 183 days, thereafter an additional fee of €50.00 applies plus DNA. To avoid late penalties it is recommended that breeders keep a credit balance on their account.

Payment Methods

Postal Payment:
Remittance of fees due with postal application.
Payment made in full with registration.
Online Payment:
Payments made through the Pay Pal Payment Portal accessed through the website.