Our milking Shorthorns are bred for generations

Why Shorthorn Irish Shorthorn Society

Why Shorthorn Irish Shorthorn Society
  • Efficient Converter of Forage to Milk
  • High Disease Resistance
  • High Fertility

The Shorthorn cross has proven very successful, combining ease of
management, disease resistance and milk quality with desirable traits of
other breeds.

Disease Resistance

  • Reduced vet bills
  • Superior feet and leg structure

Fertility/ Longevity

  • They maintain a 356 day calving interval increasing yield and quality with every lactation until a mature cow.


  • Efficient grazers that can easily adapt to varying conditions, maintaining productivity and farm income at the lowest possible expense.

Milk Quality

  • ow somatic cell count (contribution to high mastitis resistence)
  • Milk yields of +8000kgs
  • Milking Shorthorns also have a very desirable protein – fat ratio