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Irish Shorthorn Breeder - Tony Roper

Tony Roper
Tony Roper
Herd Prefix: Killure
Address: Carnacon, Claremorris, Co. Mayo
Phone Number: 0866010633
Email Address: tonyroper69@yahoo.ie
Website/Facebook page:
About the Herd: When growing up in Killure, Aclare we always kept a Shorthorn cow or two as did most families and I always remember how they were extremely quiet, easy fed cattle which would calve easily, rear a god calf and get back in calf without much fuss. Back then they would normally be crossed with AA while nowadays the commercial cows cross very well with the continental breeds also.

In 2008 I joined the Moyside Shorthorn Breeders Club and quickly became interested in the pedigrees. We bought our first registered heifer that October in Carrick and she has given us a calf each year and great enjoyment. We only keep a few pedigree cows and really enjoy trying out new bloodlines while all the time striving to iprove the end product.

We believe that through both pedigree and commercial lines, Beef Shorthorn cattle have an important part to play in the suckler herds here in the West of Ireland. Their ability to produce and rear a good quality calf each year with relatively low maintenance makes them a very desirable member of any herd.

Thank you for looking at our website advert, visitors are always welcome and my phone is never turned off…. Tony

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