Breed a Roan Scheme:

In May 2023, The Irish Shorthorn Society launched a new initiative called “Breed a Roan Scheme”. The scheme was put in place to encourage farmers to consider Shorthorn genetics in their herds. There are many benefits of using Shorthorn genetics, from their super maternal qualities to their much sought-after roan colouring, Shorthorn cattle have made huge progress in the last number of years in showcasing their commercial attributes. Shorthorn-sired animals are also eligible for bonus payments under the Shorthorn Marketing Company‚Äôs beef scheme.

The project saw the Society distribute a number of straws free of charge from a panel of five Beef Shorthorn sires.

Breeders could choose from the following bulls;

  • Doon Giorgio SH2360
  • Doon Jupiter SH4929
  • Doon Jeremiah SH4932
  • Glann Jenson SH9367
  • Craigfaddock Parnassus SH8703

The straws were available to commercial suckler, dairy farmers, and pedigree breeders.

All straws were sold out within 72 hours of the scheme launching. We look forward to updating this page when calves are on the ground in 2024.

Breed a Roan Progeny

Click on each bull’s photo to see their latest ICBF figures.

Doon Giorgio
Doon Jupiter
Doon Jeremiah
Glann Jenson
Craigfaddock Parnasuss