Why Shorthorn?

Why Beef Shorthorn?

Beef Shorthorns offer many competitive advantages to the farmer striving to run a profitable beef enterprise in today’s challenging times. If you are looking for a modern functional suckler cow that is easy calving, milky and docile then the Beef shorthorn will provide a solution.

By introducing a Beef Shorthorn bull into your herd, he will leave replacement heifers which combine all the maternal characteristics you are looking for. Most modern farmers will agree that fertility, milkiness, docility and longevity are the key attributes that are desirable in a cow. When you couple that with an animal that is also a natural grazer you have all the ingredients for profitability.

Beef Shorthorn Breeders have made excellent progress in genetic improvement over the last few years with a lot of emphasis placed on growth rates and carcase conformation. However they have also strived to maintain the breeds characteristics, its efficient feed conversion and its docility and fertility.

The modern beef enterprise requires a suckler cow that is suitable to low input systems, has a medium frame size and easy fleshing ability. The Beef shorthorn cow is renowned for its fertility and is easy calving, thus reducing stress and the calf is born with natural vigour and is fast to get up and sucking and the dams are docile and have plenty of milk. Many of the modern day Beef Shorthorn cattle are polled. The beef shorthorn heifer can calve down at 24 months of age and due to its high fertility will readily go back in calf.

The colour of the Beef shorthorn is another positive and attractive attribute of the breed. This positive aspect allows the beef shorthorn to cross with all other breeds and offer quality cross bred animals that would enhance any beef enterprise. Beef shorthorn cross heifers command premium prices at the livestock sales. The male progeny are realising excellent figures for daily live weight gain and can be finished at an earlier age which is a very desirable trait in the current market environment.

The Beef Shorthorn breed is steeped in tradition, the genetic improvement allows our cattle to compete successfully in the modern world and the adaptability of the breed will allow it to overcome challenges in the future.

Why Milking Shorthorn?

  • Efficient Converter of Forage to Milk
  • High Disease Resistance
  • High Fertility

The Shorthorn cross has proven very successful, combining ease of management, disease resistance and milk quality with desirable traits of other breeds.

Disease Resistance

  • Reduced vet bills
  • Superior feet and leg structure

Fertility/ Longevity

  • They maintain a 356 day calving interval increasing yield and quality with every lactation until a mature cow.


  • Efficient grazers that can easily adapt to varying conditions, maintaining productivity and farm income at the lowest possible expense.

Milk Quality

  • Low somatic cell count (contribution to high mastitis resistence)
  • Milk yields of +8000kgs
  • Milking Shorthorns also have a very desirable protein – fat ratio